Is she busy or just stringing me along?

I met a cool girl through my part time job. I was scared to ask her out until one of coworkers said he talked to her and she said she'd totally would if I asked. I did at work party and she even set up a plan to get away from people so I could talk to her. She said yes with a smile.

Ever since then though it's been hard setting somethjng up since she went home for winter break. She responded to my text but said she was working but would could most likely the next weekend but had to wait for her schedule. I texted her the next weekend she didn't answer but was working. I haven't heard back since but I don't know what think since she put in so much effort so I could ask her.


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  • Unfortunately I think somewhere in the interim she has lost interest. If she liked you enough she would make arrangements to see you even if it is in a few weeks. I would pull back, if she likes you she will get in touch to re-ignite things. You have done all you can for now. The ball is in her court.

    Can you answer mine?

    • What could have made her lose interest though? I mean like I said she didn't hesitate at all when I asked and made sure we had eachothers numbers. Those are high interest signs. She did most of the work so I could ask.

      I'm trying to find yours but it says no questions found?

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    • didn't find you but realised my q was on anonymous so I made it public

    • Ok I answered yours thanks again for your help.

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  • Sounds like she is interested to me, why don't instead of asking her by text , message her and ask her what time she finished and ask her if you can call her instead? Then after a nice chat you can set up a date :)

    • I'm thinking that I'll probably wait until we are back in school. I'm back home too and don't really want to plan anything out. Then I'll just ask her in person.

  • She just sounds busy.

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