Do skater guys like hipster girls?

So I've been told a lot that i look/act/seem/are a hipster and I've always been into skater or surfer guys. The thing is they're so intimidating and aesthetic. Don't get me wrong I think I could land one but I don't know if they would even be into hipsters or me to start with. I was wondering if they were into the category I fit into anyway!

thank you so much and I think i enjoy life a lot so i might be okay haha


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  • That's fine, I'm a snowboarder though so I don't know if my opinion would weight much. but I am sure its' fine, even if you act or is an hipster it doesn't matter. it just depends on them if they will show interest in you. it doesn't really matter if your a hipster. I'm sure you'll do fine, as long as you know how to have fun and enjoy life then they'll be unto you.


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  • I used to skateboard.
    I like hipster girls, as long as they don't have the personality of a Hipsters, per say.
    Like when hipsters say ''Wow, have you only just heard of that guy, I used to listen to him way before anyone.'' That really pisses me off, and a lot of other people as well..
    As long as you're not like that, and you're easy-going; you should be fine.

  • they're not hipsters it's a total different culture basically

  • There's no written rule for that. I have skater friends who prefer ordinary girls, other prefer hipster and the rest like the other types


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