Is it okay to tell your bf what you want to do on Valentine's day?

I know it is a a month and a half away but I have to get the buy supplies to do what i would like to... Hiking/camping.

Is it okay to tell him what I'd like to do that weekend as like a proposal? I'd tell him next month if it is...

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& if you could explain your answer, that'd be great! He is an introvert... Doesn't really "plan".
It'd be more of a suggestion as to what I would like to do... Not a demand.


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  • I don't see a problem with it,


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  • Totally fine. As a guy I find Valentine's day is more for her. It would be important to me that she got to do what she wanted that day. So if she told me she wanted to plan it out I would appreciate that and be happy she let me off the hook, LOL!

  • totally fine! just dont be too pushy about it but make sure that he knows that you want to do it and see what he thinks after all a relationship is for two people to make decisions :)


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  • sure, why not?

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