What's his problem suddenly?

I met this guy on a night out a couple of months ago. We really hit it off and exchanged numbers. Since then we’ve been texting, sexting, sending snapchats etc pretty much all day everyday. Most of it’s initiated by him and if I don’t respond he’ll send several texts until I do. However, we never seem to meet. He always has an excuse. I wasn’t really fussed as it’s just a bit of fun, but the other day he started asking if I was looking for a boyfriend and if I wanted that from him. I have no idea what is up with him.

He knows that I’ve been dating other guys and lately he’s started telling me that he’s hooking up with other girls. I really don’t know why there’s been this sudden shift - suddenly he’s talking about wanting to date someone and settle down and asking me really personal questions etc.

He’s a really nice guy but we’ve obviously never been on a date. Is this a complete waste of time and I should just cut him out? Or is it worth pushing to meet him? Why would a guy even do this?


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  • Well it seems that he likes you and is now interested in you. Why he wasn't before I don't know. I would just say to him "Look you want to know more from me, we ask me out properly and make it happen." Then you see what happens.


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