A lady friend who has become one of the best friends I've ever had in just over a month: Surely she will think it is too soon to date?

Only met her just over a month ago but we get on better than I have gotten on with most of anyone else I have ever known. Basically we are amazing friends, not just me and her but a group of us (most of whom I knew before I knew her). Me and her in particular are amazing friends though, and a group of us hang out at least once a week sometimes more, anyway me and her are always amongst the group. So we see each other that regularly, but have never yet really been alone together.

So in that case I expect that she will be apprehensive to start dating so soon right? Because we have become such good friends, she would be apprehensive about rushing into a relationship in case it doesn't work out or goes really bad and that would not just negatively affect our relationship but pretty much our whole group. Which is intelligent, and so I know that I should take my time.

So that's how it is right? And so when would be a good time? I suppose I'm asking girls how long would you need to pass before you would feel comfortable dating a new such good friend? Like six months? Or you'd take the risk of going so soon after meeting if you felt it was right?


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  • If you take to long she might frienzoned you. I think you should ask her now. Weekly for a month is a lot.

    • Two or three times a week basically. A small number of our group seem to have an irrepressible need to see each other mega regularly. Me, her and two or three others. So what I'm saying is that we know each other really well all ready, and it feels like we've known each other so much longer. Doesn't feel like less than two months.. when I remind myself of that it mega confuses me.. bewilders me.

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    • Now is too soon. Soon maybe but not now. I don't really want to ask her, so much as spend some time alone with her, get to know her better and see how we feel.

    • Ok. Good luck.

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