Was I just his arm candy?

Well I like this guy who isn't suppose to get involved with any girl due to his family being religous. Well him and I started something for two years now its been going on. Well he dosent talk to me, all it is staring cause of his situation. Also, he dosent care to even notice me when he's around his family cause of his situation. All it is is staring you would think of two years of staring he would step it up. I understand the situation buy Im tired of his family warding me off, to not look at him. Was I just his eye candy?


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  • My family is the same way but I plan to get with him after I leave the house that way it's less tension. No I don't find joy in ignoring him it hurts me

    • am i just his arm candy?

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    • thanks 4 ur answer

    • He can't given our ssituation. i think u love ur bf and so does he both of u want this to work and u try. like we do. if this is what it takes ro be with him then I'll stay. thanksagain for ur advice