She just wants to be friends, but she lead me on?

Ok so a few days ago me and this really awesome girl hung out all day and got to know each other really well, finding a lot of common interests, singing in the car, she even went to my dentist appointment, I mean straight girlfriend stuff, right? I even kissed her on the cheek after she jumped on me and I swung her around. Anyway it was a great day and I couldn't stop smiling. But then the next day she asked if I could come over again and of course I said yes, but then her dad said no. I said oh well maybe another time, but then the next day said her dad won't let me see her, and I was like well your dad has to let you date eventually, I can wait. Then she came out of nowhere responding with "no, I dont want to date you, I'll be clear about that, I just want to be friends" I'm sorry, but what the fuck is that about? Am I crazy or did something happen after I left that day?


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  • She only wants a bro. Obviously she sounds like someone who has been very lonely for a while and she's just so happy to have someone like you around to play with. Sounds like she only want a bro.

    • But what's wrong with her dating me? I don't get that at all, we can't be friends and date?

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    • So what do I do, just forget about her?

    • If she's wasting your time just forget it. There's soo many other people out there. If you still like her just keep getting to know her more and it's true going to her might be too early, you need a long time relationship for that to happen. If she says she doesn't want to date you honestly forget it.

  • She probably got in trouble and was told to send you that

    • I don't know... I really hope so, what should I do in the mean time, I can't stop thinking about her, but I don't wanna drive her farther away.

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    • 😦aww man well maybe she'll reach out to you through that account later? I don't know but her family definitely found out. And got in the way. If she really likes you she will find a way to talk to you. She knows your number and knows your account on social media

    • You really think it's just her dad stopping her? I really hope so... so do I just wait or should I still keep in touch? Because she says we're not supposed to talk, but I don't want to lose her because I never message her

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