Help, did it mean anything?

So there's this guy in my school, and I like him a lot. We talk occasionally, but not every day because we're not in the same group of friends. He always says hey whenever he sees me in the hall though, and most people who aren't in my friend group don't do that at all, they don't even look at me. Anyway, the last day of school before the holidays, I was walking with my things, ready to leave school, when I walked past him, just thinking I'd give him a smile and move along, because that's what would be normal, but then he hugged me out of nowhere, and we started talking and then our eyes met several times after that, more than usual. I don't know if it means anything, and I'm afraid that I'm reading way too much into this because I want it to mean something... So, did it? Have I got a chance?


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  • You have a chance. Don't read into anything as a definitive answer, but touching and eye contact are both good things. Keep an open mind when you're with him and just be yourself. Don't let this change how you act


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