Dating question pls pls help. any ideas?

After dating a guy for 2 months he deleted his ok cupid account where we met. It had notbeen used since we started talking on it. I am pretty sure this is good! but now (sameday) he has ignored my fb messeage read and not respond and ignored my texts (2). Any ideas what may be going on?

So the relationship with my bf is amazing! he texted me last night on his work break as usall. He works at publix. Today i texted him around noon and asked him if he could text me and let me know if he is working today or not. I never got a reply. he usally works on Sunday, but was taking this holiday week off so i dont know if he worked today or not.


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  • If it's only been a day, don't assume anything, and just wait to see what happens. You sent him several messages, and now you need to give him some time to respond or not. You've done all you can at this point. But if it's been a few days and he still hasn't replied, he might just not be interested.

    • yea i know. i mean we have been official for two months and for him to just stop like when nothing was wrong is what would crush me

    • Yeah, I'm hearing you. I've been there before, and it can feel awful.

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  • If you have been dating for 2 months already, why not give him a call, or go see him and ask him what is going on?

    • i dont drive. i sent him a text this morning and one at 3. i saw he ignored my fb message at 4ish

    • Give him a call. If he doesn't answer his phone or hangs up on you... if that's his may of dumping you he is an arsehole. But hopefully he will talk to you.

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  • There re many questions like that. I can't understand how you find weird boys such like that