What do you prefer - job interview or first date?

Is it normal to prefer a job interview? More structured, lots of advice available, mock interviews and you even get feedback if you're not successful.

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  • I've never really done the whole going on dates thing before getting involved with a guy before, so I don't know how that is. and I usually got hired on the spot. (:

    • So you've never been in a relationship? Have you had guy friends before?

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    • more like spending time together doing whatever it is we both enjoy and talking a lot about every random thing under the sun. and then eventually movie nights. which I guess are unofficial dates maybe?

    • That's nice. I wish I could do that. I hate "official" dates. They just feel like job interviews without structure.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I prefer dates. I find job interviews way too stressing. Dates tend to be a lot more exciting than stressing to me. :)

  • hmm I'd say nether


What Guys Said 2

  • Job interview. Dates are wastes of time and more stress than they are worth. At least there's a chance of making money instead of just outright losing it.

  • I prefer a first date more. Why? Because I get to kiss the girl at the end. In an interview if I kiss my future boss that could get a little weird.