What's going through his mind & what do I do?

The guy I'm sleeping with went from messaging me all the time to never about 2 weeks ago.

When we sleep together (which we have since he stopped) he is so lovely & will actually have a genuine conversation with me. Apart from that I will barely here from him.

When we got drunk together Friday he was a little bit flirty & cute.

Later in the night he hooked up with someone when i assumed i was staying at his. I asked if that meant i had to catch a taxi. The hookup didn't end up going through & i stayed at his, however he said he felt bad for what he did.

I told him I was the one that felt bad, we aren't together & i shouldn't assume i just had a place to stay & should have made other arrangements. He said 'no no you're always welcome' or something along those lines.

Because of my low confidence. After we had great sex & I was leaving, i said "so not going to stop sleeping with me then?" jokingly, he laughed and said no.

Why did he change his tune basically, from messaging & friendly, to bloody confusing! He might decide not to sleep with me & I wouldn't have a clue?


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  • From the little I know, you sound great. If you are looking for a fuck buddy, don't worry if he is in constant communication. Sometimes that is the best kind of fuck buddy to have. If you are looking for a real relationship, move on from this guy. There are guys out there who want you for you, just as you are.


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