Do you know anyone that has a bf/gf that lives in their back pocket, so to speak?

For a few years now my sister has been texting with this guy she knows and has feelings for. There actually is no relationship or commitment. they know eachother personally. My family has never set eyes on him. I did once. Her friends seldom do. He sees her at night at times and doesn't enter her house.

He seemed like he knew I knew something when I met him. I don't think she's in danger but I think he is 1,000% emotionally unavailable and she won't let go.

Thing is, everywhere she goes, or any time you're with her, he's right there... On her phone.

We went to visit family this weekend and yet again, she takes out her phone and there's his picture in the text chat.

Everything going on being relayed to him. But nobody knows him. People probably dont know who she is texting but I see.

It's like you are with her and he is there too, in the background. Only she doesn't tell you this. But he is aware of everything going on. I doubt he cares but it's just how their interaction is.

I'll visit her and sometimes she's exhausted because she's been out with him late at night.

The impression I get is he doesn't want a relationship but she won't let go and is settling for being a back pocket girlfriend.

But it also makes me uncomfortable that I can't be around her without him being included, but in the background. What is being said or repeated? Why does this guy know everything and everyone else knows nothing?

It's her life and we all have tried to talk to her about it but she settles for this. So there's not much we can do.

But I wonder if anyone else out there has experienced this or witnesses this?


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  • Yes, i call it a girl on a string. There is not much you can go about as you have no idea what he may have told her to string her along. One day she will get it...

    • This is a very good point. I hadn't considered what may have been said. It's been going on for a couple years now. Stagnant. Takes the phone out and he's "there," and this seems good enough to her for some reason. She reached out to me before but now is not receptive to outside help.

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