His behaviour has changed?

The guy I am sleeping with used to message me non-stop for weeks but recently he has just stopped.

Even when i messaged him, he let the conversation fade out fast. I liked messaging him, because I thought we were friends...

We have had sex since still though.

What do I do?


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  • Maybe he's not as interested in you anymore?

    • Can I change that?

    • @Pinkicedkks Try texting him back asking him "hey, sup? you seem a bit distant from me lately" It's just a way to get him to be honest with you, cause the only way a relationship's gonna work if both of you are being honest with each other. He might feel a bit awkward at first, but if he doesn't reply right away, give him some time. If he doesn't reply within a week, then he's probably moved on. If a girl suddenly stopped texting me, I'd think she's not interested in me, and I move on.

  • Maybe he thought you didn't need message anymore and just the sex satisfies him?

    • I don't want a relationship but I like messaging & being friends. How do I change it back then?

    • Maybe ask him why?

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