Am I being weird for bailing on the guy I've been talking to?

last night the guy that I've been talking to asked me if I wanted to hangout tonight after I got out of work. I agreed to go out with him and he told me we'd go catch a movie. This morning he texted me to confirm we were still on. I got off work about an hour ago and I texted him to let him know I was good to go. He responds by asking me if it was cool if we went to his cousins place to watch a movie there. Then he mentioned that one of our mutual friends would be joining us. I ended up telling him that I felt it was best we hungout some other time because I wasn't comfortable with hanging out with just guys. Am I weird for not going along with it? I just think it's weird that he'd think it's ok to take me to a random persons house on our first date, if I can even call it that


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  • Do you have social anxiety? Maybe he doesn't see it as a date.

    • I do not have social anxiety. I'm a very social person. I just think that he could have cancelled his plans with me if he felt it was important to hangout with his buddies. And you're right, maybe he doesn't even think it's a date

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