She said "Maybe, when we get to know each other better." - What does this mean?

I met this girl on my off period and we've been flirting for a month now. We would walk to McDonalds and Chick-fil-a (There's a McDonald and a Chick-fil-a near our school) with a group of friends, and she would leave her friends to walk beside me ( the sidewalk only fits 3 people and there's 4 including me, so being the only guy I walk silently behind them letting talk about whatever girls talk about). She always sits next to me when she has her friends, she always invites me to go places with her ( Locker, Class, just walking around the school, and the restroom). She hints that she likes me and I've hinted her that I like her. So, knowing that she likes me I was going to ask her after winter break, and before the break I got her couple of gifts. But my fucking friends pressured me into asking her out before break. Being stupid me, I listened to my stupid friends and asked her out. She said " I really like you and I would say yes but we don't know each other too well. Maybe later when we get to know each other better." than she gave me a hug. (She's had a bad history of Dick boyfriends that used her.) Lady's, What does this mean? I am planning to asking her on Valentine's day.

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I'm thinking of getting to know her better and on Valentine's day I'm planning to ask her out again + get her Jordans ( She loves J's). Is that too much? Do I look like I'm despite if I did that?


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  • It sounds like she likes what's she's seen of you so far, otherwise she wouldn't try to spend so much time with you. There's nothing wrong with taking things slow and getting to know someone before agreeing to go out.


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  • It really only means what it says, no hidden meaning or anything. She wants to carry on like this for a while and get to know you better before she decides whether she'd want to pursue something deeper with you.


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  • She like you guaranteed. She just wants to see what else your about and whether you will be a waste of time or not. Seems like your doing good, just keep doing what your doing. Hang all with her with ought the expectation of being together. She will eventually bring it up if you dont

  • A maybe is a no wrapped in bullshit my freind. Don't dwell on it.