I finally have a boyfriend - now what?

A guy I have been fooling around with for a while, FINALLY asked me out last week. Only he asked me right before he got on a plane, and now we won't be able to see each other for a week or so. I don't mind being away from him; what bothers me is that I don't know how to be a girlfriend... and I'm afraid that the time we're spending apart will make things awkward.
We're both new to this.
So please, if anyone could tell me what it is a guy looks for in a relationship, that would be great.
Thanks a lot :)


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  • For one, we aren't looking for perfection (which is what you seem to be reaching for).
    Just have a casual conversation while letting him know you can't wait till he gets back and you miss him. Guys don't require 1/5th of the maintenance girls require. A simple "Hi" from you can brighten our day.
    Talk to him, however you guys do talk and let things just flow. when you start wanting to control things, he'll start thinking about leaving.

    • Hey,
      Thanks for your advice :) I probably should've mentioned this, but we were "friends with benz" before dating, and we acted like a couple when left alone, however as soon as there were people around, we acted as if we were just friends (even though everyone knew we liked each other).
      So I believe that the main problem I have is how to publicly be a girlfriend. What do guys like/want a girl to do in public? (I'm not the PDA type of girl, I'm really bad with affection)

    • I wasn't into PDA either when i was younger. in public do something you can do together that doesn't involve PDA... eat somewhere where you sit across a table... play a game at a place like dave n busters, walk in the park while having a conversation... etc. there are a lot of things you can do. and while doing these things, there are places that may be a little private, and you can take care of private stuff there.

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  • Just act the same way you acted before he asked you out except now you have the perks of holding hands, kissing, cuddling etc. (unless you have already started doing that, but now you have the label to go with all those things). It's no different. Just be yourself. Try not to be too clingy, but don't play mind games. Also, don't stop flirting with him just because you guys are together now. I know of couples who have stopped flirting when they got together and then it started to ruin their relationship.

  • Just be sweet and caring, send him texts or FB messages while he's away, maybe we he gets home bring him a balloon or something little and cute like that. Guys just want to be taken care of and felt appreciated. It will come naturally after while!