How do I get over him and maintain my friends (In desperate need of help)?

I'll summarize this as best as I can, this guy led me on for a good five months and used me for sex. He lied and made all these excuses about needing more time to figure things out before he wanted to officially date me, but last night I was over at his apartment that he shares with our two other friends and there was this girl over that he just made out with right in front of me. I confronted him and he told me he's not my boyfriend and he's allowed to do whatever he wants. Yeah, raging asshole. But I can't help still having feelings for the jerk despite that. I know my best course of action is to avoid him in order to get over him, but he lives with our two other friends who I'm very close to and we really don't have free-range of where we can all go to hang out because I don't have my own place so it's always kind of just been there place we'd all go to see each other. And the unfortunate part is these guys all work the same shifts at work so they're all there at the exact same time. And just waiting for the jerk to go somewhere to see these guys I don't think will cut it for what I need out of them as friends. Can anyone think of a way that I can get over this jerk and still maintain seeing my friends? (Don't suggest a rebound guy, because I just want to be able to be single and happy again).


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  • Oh dear, if I were u I'd be so turned off by his behavior that I wouldn't care if I didn't see my friends again either! Lol as long as I wouldn't bump into that asshole


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  • I was going to say rebound but um other than that, ignorance is the next best. Plus how do you get led on for 5 months? seems like even you knew where it was headed and refused to act.
    at this point, i would just categorize the person like the other friends (ignorance) and start to work on my thought process that nothing ever really happened. It takes some time, but the more you try to avoid him, the more you show others you still have feelings. Just treat him like you would treat a random guy.


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