Dating, space, and Facebook help please?

Ok so I've been dating this girl for a few weeks. Everything was going really great, we hit it off amazingly! Then she started acting a little strange. She then told me she didn't think she was ready for this. I was really a one of a kind guy, but she had been burned recently. I told her I understood and that I agreed she should take time to get herself in order. Which brings me to my question. That night she was out with her band, she text me to make sure I knew she made it home ok and hoped I wasn't too sleepy at work, as she knew I hadn't gotten to sleep that day. Then nothing for the past two days. Kicker, we are still Facebook friends and she likes every photo I put up. I mean every single one in the last two days, but no conversation. I'm trying to give her space and everything, but I'm confused because I feel it's mixed signals! Am I looking to much into this? Should I continue to give her space?


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  • Remove her from fb, if she contacts you because of it ask her plainly what in the world she wants, cos this acting like we don't exist thing isn't quite working!

    • What will removing her from Facebook accomplish?

    • That she's not allowed to peer into your life as a silent memory. Either be present or be all the way gone.

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