Kisses on the forehead from a guy friend?

What do kisses on the forehead from a guy friend mean? Been good friends with this guy for a couple of years but in the past few months he's been kissing me on the forehead. While he's hugging me or sometimes randomly while we are walking he would just plant one on the top of my head. Its just over the past few months we are touchy-feely towards each other. I like him a lot and does he like me back? He does not do this to our mutual female friend.


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  • If its a new thing then it might mean his feelings toward you have changed to more than friendship, one of the best ways of flirting with someone is to try to find ways to have more physical contact with them.

    Is it just hugs and forehead kisses? The real giveaways are the more subtle types of contact, like sitting in a way where you touch arms or legs when there's enough room to not have to, or taking you by the hand or the arm to bring you over to show you something. Hugs and kisses may just mean he's grown more close to you as a friend and feels you are at a stage where it won't be weird to do that, it's those other little touches that are where the real 'electricity' is and are a strong sign he's into you.

    • Other things he would sometimes nudge me playfully.

    • Sounds like it may be something then, best thing to do might be to respond in kind and then try upping the ante a little, try to find ways to be in contact for a bit longer than a nudge or a quick hug, also maybe try something a bit braver like touching his shoulders or messing with his hair. If he responds well you can be pretty sure that there's something between you, then it's just up to one of you to take the risk of 'making the move'. If he doesn't respond, he probably just wants to be friends and you can back off without having made things too awkward between you.

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  • Either he's gotten really comfortable with you or he's trying to tell you that he likes you as more than a friend. I have a friend who would kiss me on the forehead a lot and he didn't really do it to anyone else or at least not when I was around and I thought it was just the way he was. I thought he was just being friendly. I later found out that he had a crush on me and still does.

    • Are you guys together? How did you find out? Did you ask him?

    • We are and we aren't. It's a very complicated situation. I won't lie, he does have a GF, but there's a lot to the story and I'm still puzzled on how everything turned out the way it did. I found out because he'd been flirting with me for a while, but I didn't know he was actually flirting or into me like that. I didn't ask him, he just kind of told me when we were talking one night. It's all really complicated and a lot to explain.

  • He really loves you..