Is it worth it? And if yes how should I do it?

So i added this girl on my fb that i think is really cute and looking at her profilei see she likes a lot of things that i do like ( thats already a plus because it means we can get a long and its hard to find a girl that doesn't only care about girly stuff) we chatted once and she says she saw me at school ( she goes to a school very near to mine) and we do have some friends in common but I've never seen her in person. She's 17 and im 19 and i know that next year i will be moving to another city for uni while she will be staying here , she also said that she plans on travelling to another country to work ( thats abiut 3 years) i have a 2 parts question : is it worth it to try and take things further with her ( in fact any possible girl i like in my city here) knowing that i will be moving? Second, if yes or lets i just wanna make a giod friend, how shoud ask her out when we only talked on fb, i dint have her nb and never seen her in person but we live in the same city and have same culutural background , she seems like independant strong girl which also makes me a bit hesitated because im afraid she may reject me not like other girls that would just throw themselves on guys.. I may sound old fashioned but everytime i think of a girl i like i imagine if its possible for us to get married in the future thats why i think about these things and no i can't be in a long distance relationship because my last one didn't work.. Thanks a lot guys :)


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  • It's not worth it since u r moving


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