At first he showed interest and then he started getting back?

i met a guy a month ago he is smart cute rich hard worker
at first he use to call all the time and then after we kissed on our second date he said that i was that special good girl he sees himself with
but then after that he went on job to an other city for 10 days and stopped calling and when i text him he says that he was busy working
now he came backj and asked me to spend the night over at his place cause he misses me and he wants to see me before he leaves on chrismas vacation
i told him we should just go out but he said he wanted me to stay over
ps: im a really kind hearted good girl who only dated twice her intire life while he is that play boy seen it all been all over the world all over the girls.


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  • He was busy working so don't blame him for not answering, if you don't want to stay over tell him your not quite ready for that.


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