When does she mean when she says 'see how we feel in two weeks'?

I have told my best friend who is female I have feelings for her and she said she has for me. We both have partners but are are both unhappy. She has said she will not leave her partner as she has a baby with him. I will be leaving mine in the new year.

We are about to go our separate ways for two weeks, as in to see our families different parts of the country. She keeps saying we'll see how we feel after two weeks? Surly if we are good friends (her words to other people) she would not mess me around.


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  • Well the whole situation seems complicated. Both of you are involved which makes things tricky. And the fact that she doesn't want to leave her mate and you've already made the decision to leave yours makes me think that you're going to be the one that suffers most. I think she wants the 2 weeks to try figuring it out. I don't think that she wants to mess you around but I don't see anything serious with you guys because she doesn't wanna leave. The question now becomes if your friendship can survive.

    • I think you are right. I don't think she would want to mess a friend around considering we are good friends. I think she is confused as she told me she would not leave on Wednesday but wanted a chat with me before leaving on the Friday , after already mentioning the two weeks? She looked upset saying all this and reminds me that our situations are different. I think she is regretful as she has openly said she made a mistake with a her partner. Before I leave she gives me a tight squeeze and tells me not to think about things too much. I think the whole situation is a little sad for really.

    • She is confused. She wants to try sticking it out with her mate for the baby's sake it seems. But she's clearly unhappy. She probably feels that maybe at a different time you guys could've been something. It's just hard. And it is a sad situation. For both of you. I hope you guys can at least stay friends. And you shouldn't drive yourself crazy over these 2 weeks either.

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  • Maybe she wants to put distance between you two because she is in a relationship and has a child. And you're in a relationship.
    I don't know the while context of the conversations y'all have had, but if you truly care about her, don't put her or her child in that position. Regardless of how unhappy she may say she is, she is still with her partner and she has a child with him.

    • Awkward one to be honest. As we were good friends while she was pregnant. She even said something has changed between us. Thats the problem when a male and female become close. Without knowing it we both ended up being what we are missing form our partners, she's not stressy (my partner has a temper) and I'm quite paternal (her partner didn't even wake up for the babies first birthday). The fact we get on well without any romantic interest just confesses the issue.

      She did say she would not leave her partner, regrets me not asking her out years ago when I said I remembered her. Says she would love to meet up if we were single. I got to be honest she looks upset saying all this.

      When she said she wouldn't leave her partner I thought fair enough yet she still wanted to see me for quick chat before she left to see her family and even asked me not to tell others in work as she had told them she was busy. Confusing.

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    • You are right once again lol I told this to my friend and she agreed. I want to leave for the right reasons so two weeks away form each other is for the best all round really. At least that way I will have a clear conscious and feel no guilt. Anyway this could be a passing infatuation. I've been with my wife for 8 years so to have feelings for someone is a little alien to me. This is not something I can openly discuss with my family so I have asked random people on the internet WTF is going on lol. If nothing else you have got to laugh.

    • Lol feelings can definitely be a funny thing. I think it's good that you've seeked advice though. I hope this will help you work through it whatever the outcome may be.

  • I'm guessing she wants to make sure the feelings for the both of y'all are legit. If you really feel that way then you have nothing to worry about.


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