Close Friend's Ex? Does she like more than a friend? If she does? should I proceed?

I have a close friend, since young, despite we never literally talk much to one another, we do hang out here and there. He then dated this girl for very long, and they broke up. During the dating period, i was with them and they both treated me like a younger brother. Ever since they broke up, i have been talking to his ex. And we have become very close, she in fact mix with my other clique of friends too. Now, she is dating some other guy, which she claims she isn't totally into. Slowly as i become closer to her, i pretty much have a crush with her. But i think this is morally wrong as she was my best friend's ex. At times, I feel that she likes me more than just a close friends, she now has stopped calling me bro and calls me by my initials, sometimes she will start up convo with me here and there and we sometimes video calls at night till late, before we both head to sleep. I am confused on what to do? i do like her, but is morally wrong, and I don't know if she feels the same way to. Previously she will whine all about her current bf, currently she become more secretive about it. However everytime, i texted her, she will sometimes read and reply late or even ignore me. Yet after few days she will come back and talk to me. It is a mix signals here and there. She is now very close to my another close friends, and when we all hanging out together, at times, i caught her glancing at me. However, she is still with her new bf, and I don't know sometimes whether she is hinting to me or just telling me as a close friends. When i get to meet her, sometimes she ask me let's go for dinner / drink / movie. Which in a way, i find that she wants to do it only the both of us. Coz she mentioned that let's have a nice heart to heart chat with each other. What should i do? enlighten me.



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