Did he kiss me back on purpose?

Well I stole a kiss from my ex today and he corresponded lol he stayed quiet for a moment then he said "what the hell Ima kill you with a little smile on his face". What does it mean?

and I did it cause he told me he was single and cause I still have feelings for him and cause he told me he wanted to go on a date with me friday. And now he called me and said why did you do that am gonna kill you. And I said I didn't do anything and then he said if you would have asked me I would have just gave it to you. And I told him stolen kisses taste better then giving ones. What do you think? What sould I ask him or tell him?


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  • I have no idea what is going on:

    You both have feelings for one another, you kissed him, he plans to take you out friday then called and said he's gonna kill you.

    Sounds like a violent place you guys live in.

    • Lol but he didn't say it like that not in a bad way. Maybe what he meant was that he didn't want that to happen cause he didn't want me to notice what he still feels for me.

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  • Go out with him one more time to see

    if true feelings are still there for both of you.

    If not--MOVE ON.


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  • Just get over it.

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