What's wrong with my coworker? Why is she sending me mixed signals?

So I knew for sure that my coworker liked me when I first came to my job. I noticed her staying in the kitchen reading a book. I came a bit looked at the book she was reading and she started making a joke.

Next I left her and moved somewhere else and she followed me for "no particurlar" reason with the book. Classic pick me up way.

Next I screwed things up with her and she lost attraction. I guess she thinks I am clueless with women. So after that she tried to set me up with other women. I don't why.

But each and every time she saw me get better with these things she would comment on what I did and she made sure she was the first one I noticed.

I also went with her to some event sponsored by the company, just the two of us. She showed me a lot of awesome things after that. I do not know what she wanted from me. She tried to set me up with another girl on the train that I took to get there.

And now today I started talking more to her. She laughed a lot at me and I noticed her getting closer to me as we laughed. Next I noticed her starring at me near the elevator. I just minded my own business.

She always does weird stuff to me like call me cute and crap like that.

At this point I am quite aloof and I am just talking with her for the sake of validation.

But I know how this ends, me falling for her and then getting rejected. I played it cool for now but it just seems like a game who is going to fall first for who.


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  • I'd avoid dating co-workers, at least until you get promoted or transfer to a different department. The fallout at work might be terrible.

    • She is in another department at a different floor. Most of the people in her department do not talk with my department.

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