Kinda complicated? Advice PLEASE?

Okay so this is going to be kinda long and confusing but if you could just vear with me I would really appreciate it. So I've liked this guy since I met him after Christmas Break last year. He liked me, a lot. And he made it fairly obvious too. After nearly a year of him flirting with me, I started flirting back and trying to get closer to him. That's when he stopped paying any attention to me at all. I don't know what happened but he just started avoiding me and wouldn't flirt with me or even talk to me anymore. This year I had three classes with him. He started flirting again and I was SO relieved and happy. I thought I actually might have a chance with him. Until he switched out of the one class we actually sat together in. He gradually stopped talking to me again. He would look at me but not say anything. He wouldn't say hi, he wouldn't wave, he wouldn't try to talk to me or start a conversation. And I was really sad and I missed him talking to me. I have his kik and every time I message him he takes hours to reply and when he does his messages are really short. I even asked him why he doesn't talk to me anymore and he said "We only have one class together.." We have two -_- My friend asked if he still liked me and he said "Idk we don't really talk that much anymore" My good friend told me he is talking to another girl that he's dated a few times. Everyday he walks with her and flirts with her and it honestly freaking kills me. I don't know what to do. How can I start talking to him without annoying him? I can't do this "pretend he's not there" thing anymore. And I'm tired of him ignoring me. Advice? Thanks. I'm sorry I know this was really long


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  • Ignore him. Yes, ignore him.
    Guys reply to no contact, guys react to ignorance. Be there enough to catch his attention but not enough to make him approach you. I've been in a similar situation, read why men love bitches. the book. Now actually its the other way around with me and this guy, i play the not interested hard to get but actually im still the girl who cares about him so much. And dont be so into it like dont ignore him to the point where he gives up. Do like he does, give him hope then gone and ignore the texts. And so on

  • This guy sounds like he likes the chase or hunt of trying to get a girl to like him. He doesn't really seem like relationship material or even friendship material. I understand you like him but the least he could do is say hi. It sounds like he doesn't respect your feelings either. You deserve much better than that. Don't exclude him from your life if you still want to be friends just try not to get too emotionally involved when it comes to him. And move on from him even when he does eventually start to give you attention and starts flirting again. You're worth way more

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