Not getting back at him! Ladies what would you do? Guys... what's his deal?

I find myself always wanting to get revenge on this guy I was talking to. You see we've been talking for a couple of months now, and we recently had a little disagreement. The disagreement was of lack of communication on his part.

So it frustrates me so much that he forgets to reply. Then I realize these are signs of him either falling out of like or there's someone else occupying his time. So that leaves me wanting to get back at him, but then I say why bother and then I'll say I need to get back at him.

So ladies what would you do in this situation?

Guys... what's his problem? And what are your recommendations?


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  • Hi :)

    What this guy's problem? He's not seriously interested enough in you, or he's playing games with you. Whether he's interested in another girl, or he's staying home playing video games the end its the same: he's not paying attention to you. If I read your post correctly this is has been happening for a while.

    You are right: its his problem and there is nothing that you can do about it. I think you might as well forget about this guy. He's not interested, he doesn't know how to communicate and is not concerned about you feelings. A guy like this is only going to be more trouble in the future and I don't think you want or need that. Remember: never treat anyone like a priority in your life if they treat you like an option in theirs.

    Revenge? I wouldn't go there. Nobody is worth the trouble or the aggravation. Further, you don't want a reputation for being a psycho bitch from hell!

    What comes around, goes around...


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