Should people talk about their flaws while dating?

In the world of dating, do you think people would have better luck finding the right person if in addition to talking about their positive characteristics and hobbies, they talked about their flaws as well?

Typical: I love going hiking and staying active outdoors.

My idea: I love going hiking and staying active outdoors. when I stay inside too long I get cranky.

In society, everyone wants to present themselves as being perfect to the other but I feel like it blows up in their faces later on. What do you think?


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  • oh for sure, i find that a great way to deepen the connection between u. helps u know more about it each other. it would only backfire if the other person was stupid enough to tell u off about your flaws every time u did something they didn't like, but thankfully most aren't like that.

    what i do when I'm getting to know someone is just ask lots of questions, about anything. they could start off so basic, like favourite food, but deepen as ur connection does, and that includes flaws. it's also doing u both good in terms of self examination.


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