What makes hot women hot?

And how can I become hot without huge boobs and super long hair?

I'd be happy to know what makes 'hot' women so hot to you guys.


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  • Every guy is different. Preferences (if I may say), aren't just solely looks or physical attributes they're mental one's too. Although I think you are curious just based on physical looks. Guys tend to just focus on what's in front of them with their eyes first. In the mind a lot is going on when we are specifically looking at women, without us even realizing it. Such as looking for symmetry and proportions/frame just to scratch the surface. There's a big science behind it, I won't go into detail but there really is no standard for what makes a woman 'hot'. To each is there own view and opinion. Try this, flip though a trendy model magazine and ask yourself 'do I think this person is attractive?' Then focus on why that exactly is and give yourself reasons for why exactly.


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  • They own what they got!


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  • Girls that take care of themselves, work out, keep fit and are confident in their appearance regardless of what people say. Also an amazing smile goes a long way. Guys like girls that are happy with themselves (and i don't mean smug). I think the key to 'hot' is body tone.

  • Confidence!

    • Yes but also pretty face and flirty behavior. Then there are boon guys, butt guys, and leg guys. So work on nice legs and butt but don't get a boob job I heard guys hate that and they can tell its fake

    • No, well ofcourse she should take care of herself. Gorgeous women get dumped every day!

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