Partner hanging out with ex alone?

Is is unreasonable to exprct to he invited when your SO hangs out with their ex? My friend says her bf doesn't always invite her and in like wtf if it was truly platonic then he should have no issue inviting you. They don't need to be discussing private issues because that is what you have each other for and that is how their relationship cancte kindle and boundaries can be crossed. She asked for my advice and I told her if it was an innocent hangout then you guys can hangout as a couple they don't need to meet up alone and if he insists on meeting up alone with her then obviously he is still into her and your feelings aren't a priority. An exes feelings should never come before someone's current partner. by the way they don't have kids together. Did I give good advice?


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  • I think your advice was sound. I totally agree, if there really isn't anything to worry about then she should be able to be there as well, especially since they have a history.

    • Yeah I generally give the same advice when they are referring to any friend of the opposite sex. I believe that once someone is in a committed relationship the partner should be included in opposite sex friendships if it is truly innocent. I just feel eben stronger because in this particular case this "friend" is an ex.