Does he like me? Boy behavior?

I have liked this guy for a while, and we text and talk a lot. A few days ago, we were talking about prom and dating and stuff, and I told him that I knew that some people liked him. I told him the first two people, and then he begged for me to tell him the last two. (theres only 3 that I know of.) I said my name and as a joke and he said "are you serious?" and then told me that I was attractive. I was stunned so I didn't really say much, and attempted to play it off like a joke (because it mostly was) and then he said "oh, umm I was just trying to play it off haha" I'm getting quite a few mixed messages here. We talk a lot and hang out... I don't know, because he's told me some girls that he likes...


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  • It's most likely that he has feelings for you but is unsure of of how to express them, or whether the feelings are mutual if you like him, just be forward and honest with him it will make the situation a lot easier.. Basically he likes you but doesn't know if you do so how does want to make a mistake and mess your friendship

    • thanks haha.. yeah I'm not sure how to be honest lmao

    • If your attracted to him just let him know, if not just continue were you left off

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