Why I girls view my profile on okcupid but don't respond?

Like I said good introductory messages saying who I am and talking a little about what I like about her personality and things she likes to do for fun


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  • I checked it out too.

    1. Yeah you gotta go get that unibrow waxed man
    2. You think contraception is morally wrong. Women don't want to get pregnant. They want to use contraception.
    3. You think homosexuality is a sin. Among people our age, I think the majority will disagree with you, strongly enough to not want to date you.

    I think you may have better luck on a more religious dating site. (you still gotta get the unibrow waxed though)

    • Its really that big a deal I have had the unibrow my whole life and Anthony Davis kinda making it famous

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    • why the hell are you even asking this question then

    • I just was curious thinking about deleting it seems like a waste of time

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