Why doesn't he want to date me?

Well me and this guy met in December of 2009. I'm currently going through a year long divorce process and he knows that. We kissed for the first time on Aug. 9, 2009. I've met his friends and his family...But he doesn't call me his girlfriend but he hesitates before he says friend like he doesn't know what to say. When I asked him about it he told me he was afraid of someone cheating on him again. His best friend told me about this girl that he was with for over a year that cheated on him with all his friends. We at least talk almost every night on the phone...Or we hang out. He does kiss me and hug me in front of his friends. Is he just scared or does he want to sleep with me and nothing else?


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  • Just be nice with him and make him feel you love so much and you care for him and he afraid of what happen in his life it may repeat again so be polite and make him happy so he can understand ur love

  • Having had a previous girlfirend that cheated on him with all his "friends" is a very bitter experience. Likely he wants a lot more than just sleeping with you, but wants to make sure the past won't repeat itself, and that you'll give him just as much.

    Not calling you his girlfriend after 9 months seems rather excessive though. Perhaps bring this up with him, and set a time frame of say the 12 month mark, or 2 months after your divorce is finilised, for him to accept to himself, you, and others that you are a couple and dating, and you are his girlfriend.


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