Best way to get over someone?

I've been thinking about a girl I used to talk to and haven't talked to her in about 8 months and I still can't stop thinking about her!! I honestly don't know what is wrong. I keep telling myself that if she really cared about me she would get in contact with me. I don't know what is wrong I never think about anyone for this long. I know the saying in order to fix a broken heart you have to find someone else but I haven't found anyone else who has caught my eye yet. And whenever I try to keep myself occupied I always see something that makes me think of her.


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  • There is ALWAYS someone better.
    You are perpetuating a lie.
    Move forward.
    Be all about YOU!!!
    (rinse. and, repeat)

    • Thank you for the uplifting comment. I think I am more focused on the feeling I had when I was with her rather than actually being with her.

    • To sunnier days and bluer skies.
      Cheers :)

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  • its been 8 months are you serious? 8 months of no communication and you are still into you? srsly man either man up or say fuck it. if you like the girl , why dont you start the conversations , why wait for her? it seems like she isn't into you based on the fact that she hasn't spoken to you in 8 months , but I don't know maybe she feels the same way. point is you have to find out the truth or it is going to haunt you. also you gave no info soo there is no way of knowing if she even knows you in person or if you were just in love with her from just seeing her in your class

    • Same thing with my ex gf... but still not over me after a year... apparently "first love" gets to some chicks?

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    • We did date..

    • you could've said it bro... you just said a girl you talk to...

  • Be occupied. Do some stuff you like to enjoy. Hang out with mates. The point is that Time will heal.

    I hope you learned your lesson this time. Always ask a girl out for a date early on.

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