My gut is telling me she is cheating?

We are long distance right now and can only see each other once a month but she has a really slutty past. It's been two years and she said she has changed but her number really bothered me I'm not going to lie. I can't play a double standard because I was the same but I don't know I just always figured I'd settle with a good girl. I accused her of cheating last week.

She invited me to her work party and j said I'll try to make it. She then said you don't have to go at leaSt three times. She mentioned this other guy at work hitting on her saying yeah I'll make you forget about your boyfriend. So I called her to find out where to meet up.. no answer.. call again 30m later no answer.. trI'd to message her on snapchat.. noticed her bestfriend is that dude from her work.

So I rolled up with a friend expecting the worst. She looked all happy to see me I pulled her to the side and asked her what's up. She got defensive said I didn't think you were the jealous type. I looked at her phone she got no kissed calls from me even message me but I didn't get it.

She said that when I said I love her I have to trust her. And gave me a really good speech. It sounded geNuine.

Exlained to her when I was in bootcamp my ex cheated on me and I'm going through some other training right now that doesn't allow me to see her. So I felt like k was in the same position and shouldn't bring that upon you. She understood rest of that night was surprisingly alright.

We made plans to move out before all this started. And my training will be finished soon and I don't know if I should listen to my gut and finish this or realize this might be insecurity due to me not being able to see her and the stress I'm under.

Still have this gut feeling I'm being played though and I don't really have evidence just the vibes I get from her sometimes. If she was I wish she could just tell me so I could move on.

She also told me that guy she is snapchat has a girlfriend and she was sitting right next to him. She also said this guy is mean t ok her and calls her ugly or sone thing has a big mouth.. Figured it wasn't my place because it sounded playful. Shit is just sketchy in my opinion.


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  • You can't let the fact that you were cheated on cloud your judgement. You said that you were wrong the night of her party. If you can't trust her then you should let it go.

    • I was in the wrong. But my gut is still telling g me somwthing is up. Could be my gut or insecurity I just get vibes from her a lot i really have no evidence but it's impossible to find evidence because we barley see each other right now.

    • What is giving you this idea that she's cheating? Is it simply because of the distance?

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  • You may be right, but you might be wrong, and acting jealous can lead to what you don't want. I would say calm down, wait until you have evidence, you very well could be over thinking this.

    • I mean I wouldn't say it's jealousy rather than just having trust issues. I explained tk her she can talk to whoever she wants I don't care I'll never control her like that. I just don't want tk be played like a fool giving her everything tk have her cheat on me.

    • But you also don't want to lose her because of that. I know you've been through that before and I'm sorry, but I know how it feels to be her and to not be doing anything wrong. And honestly I didn't want to deal with it so I ended it.

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  • Well cheating is such a serious accusation so wait for proof man. Don't take things the wrong way unless you were there. Don't rely on hearsay. Plus you could ruin this relationship by offending her if you bring up it without proof. Or you could have. Think about it if you were acting in every way like she was but it was totally innocent and always playful/loyal not even kisses on the cheek or holding hands or long hug, and get offended when anyone tries to pull a move on you even if its slightly suggestive you get upset because you love her so much and trust her and you feel she feels the same towards you. Now your GF confronts you when everything you did was totally innocent, and makes it an issue and gives you shit for it, etc but you only want her and love her and don't even look at other women. How would you feel if she accused you. Think about it and let me know! Fantastic mature topic on relationship stuff here! Love this queston very much!

    • I don't freak out like that. She can talk to whoever she wants I've never showed jealousy before till I guess now. She knows she be her own person and I won't change that.

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