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Okay, so I'm dating a really great guy that goes to the same high school as me. We've been dating for about four months now and things were great until another guy gracefully slipped into my life. The other guy goes to a completely different highschool in a neighboring state. We've talked a lot and just recently have gotten super close and, I think I've caught feelings for him? Don't get me wrong my boyfriend is a great guy but I just feel like it's not there anymore. Any advice to help my very confused state of mind¿


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  • Long distance sucks...
    Leave your bf don't lie to him or yourself, follow your heart
    In highschool my feelings were volatile and i felt attracted to new girls every few hours lol
    Explore love and one day you will come across that person who always gives you that feeling of connection and love
    Have fun and find what you want don't get trapped by relationships!

    good luck

    • Thank you so much! I was really seeking a opinion from the male mind 😂

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    • Can I ask you how to do that 😂

    • sure!
      Tell him that you need to speak to him, go to place that is public, but you don't no anyone there
      Then tell him "Hi _____ you have been a great boyfriend and i have appreciated the time we spent together but, i just don't feel right being with you."
      If he asks any questions answer them truthfully unless he asks if there is another guy. tell him no one specificaly but you felt that this was the best decision for yourself.
      If he tries to argue or convince you get up and leave, be strong and stick with conviction!

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