How do I get a perfect date?

Okay, so my crush will come over and we are going to looking at stars, she said she wanted to sleepover, And that is what we are going to do. but i don't know how to do it. please help (and sorry for my bad grammar) :D


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  • I would start off with doing something cute. I'd make a homemade menu and then a movie list. When she comes over you two can look at the menu and then whichever one she likes you can make or if she wants to help out you both can make it (if you don't know how to cook just put down easy things on the menu). Once you two have had dinner and looked at the stars you can do fun things like dancing, playing truth or dare, karaoke or just skip to the movie. Pick out a movie she likes and if you want you can prepare desert or popcorn or just snacks. Once thats over you can talk or go to bed and talk once you guys are ready for bed. That might be a good time for a kiss if you and/or her are comfortable with that. Good luck!


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