Is this situation a relationship or fwb?

We were together for 2 years and i assumed it was a relationship and according to him we were really good friends. We hung out all the time slept over each others place went on vacations used each others toothbrush he introduced me to his family. Now I am trying to see if we can be friends and he said just give him until after the holidays. He is dating another woman. We have been intimate 2 times since we broke up. He even dropped off his dog for me to spend the day with when I asked him too. I also asked him if he was ok hanging out with me being intimate with me while he was dating this other
person and he said again just give him until after the holidays.


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  • You both were 'Together for 2 years,' funflirty13, and even Then, he never wanted to slap a title on your cozy Knit relationship with anything But-----Good friends. He showed all the moves and grooves of being the perfect Mate and even as a Date, but nothing More back then but A-------Fwb... he didn't want a Real relationship with you.
    Now that he is up and running, raring to go, it would appear, dear, he s 'Dating another woman' now. And with being with her, he Still was cozy with you but nothing more at that given moment But------Fwb.
    It doesn't have to be etched in stone that he probably will never have any intentions of making anything Exclusive nor Official with you, be hooked at the hip and even Now, in this point in time, he doesn't want his cake and it Two with You or his newbie... he is trying to pull back and slowly break things off and realized with you both 'Have been intimate 2 rimes,' that This little trick wasn't going anywhere neither.
    The day he 'Dropped off' Rover, sweetie, you should have given Him his walking papers and told him that it was nice while the Going was Going, but you feel it's best for the rest to unleash him now and cut all ties with your... good-byes.
    You're barking up the wrong tree now. He has been giving you subtle helpful hints that he is Into someone else whom he doesn't want to share sides with.
    Bury this bone and move on. Consider it my New Years Resolution for a girl like yourself who surely doesn't deserve to end up to be some 'Fwb' dog walker.
    Good luck. xx

    • What do you mean by share sides with?

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    • Thank you. I"m having a hard time moving on as he was the first guy I ever fell hard for after being single for 10 years. And even moved out of state for to see how things would go. Stupid I know. It seems that we play games with each other. He stated that he is "not relationship material". I haven't really dated over the past 10 years just had friends with benefits but no feelings or strings attached in those situations. He intoduced me to his family after 8 months of dating had me over parents for Christmas last year. UGH!!!

    • You're so welcome.. its sounds difficult and with having feelings for someone you have had some history with, makes it harder to move on.. take some time for you now and focus on your life for the new year... do not continue to get caught in this between a rock and a hard place.. there are far better guys, less complicated out there, believe me, I know this first hand, sweet girl. Happy holidays and God bless.:)) xxoo

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  • Sounds like he wants to date multiple women. I feel sorry for you.

  • "used each others toothbrush," relationship, he's cheating.

  • I'm surprised you let get that far. I feel like most women wouldn't allow that to happen. I would just tell him to kick rocks.


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