My boyfriend likes another woman?

My actor boyfriend keeps retweeting or ffavoriting edits made by fans , these edits have him & his co actress.

They played the role of husband and wife in their last show & while they were shooting , he rarely spoke to her & never retweeted or favorited tweets related to them but after 4 months (shoot was over 5 months ago)

all of a sudden he has started retweeting or favoriting tweets or edits related to them.

Why is he doing this? Does he like her or has started liking her suddenly?

Because he never did this until now.

I feel very upset.


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  • You need to find a guy in a different line of work.
    If he is a good enough actor to work steady, he will constantly have jobs where he will have to interact with other women. Kissing, maybe sex scenes. They work closely with each other and your going to become close with the other person. That doesn't mean he wants to leave you for her. but there is going to be a shared experience. So if someone is liking something they did, it is natural to want to repost it to show people what a good job you did or other people think you did.
    Women usually are the ones that get very jealous. if you cannot control it then you need a guy who's job isn't to kiss another woman at times...

    • He does not get close to actresses. He gets friendly with male actors but is not very friendly towards actresses. He does talk to them but not close

  • Women get upset over the smallest and emptiest of things...

    • How is this small & empty?

    • I'm tired. Give me three good reasons why this is indicative of anything at all instead of being just basic professional networking behavior.

    • He retweeted pics so..

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