What is it like dating a police officer?

I'm from the UK so I would appreciate opinions from British people as police officers vary in different countries. What is it like dating a police officer? I get a lot of police officers coming in at where I work. I work in a restaurant at a motorway service station and most of them come in for coffee or tea as at my workplace the police get free drinks. Most of them are regulars. There's this one officer that comes in maybe every week and there is always sexual attraction between us and he always gives me eye contact even when I'm not serving him. I even catch him staring at me sometimes. But I'm a bit anxious about dating a police officer. I'm not sure why but maybe it's to do with their job and they do usually have a negative perception. He hasn't asked me out or anything but I just wanna be prepared just incase he was to make a move. So anyone dated a police officer and what are the pros and cons?


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  • They have a tendency to handcuff their significant others to the bed and the proceed to "read them their rights" ;)


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  • Imagine having a partner who actually has a valid reason to never be around you when something happens elsewhere. It's like dating a superhero and sucks monkeyballs.

  • why girls like police officers? i cannot understan that!!!

    open your eyes!! haven't you ever heard about police brutality? this happens in every country around the world!!!

    most cops become cops so they can feel superior, and terrorize young teenagers... do you like this behaviour?

  • The hours aren't great, for a start.


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