Can't have Asian gf read y share ur opinion. And what would u do in my place?

Is that low confidence? or it's bcoz of my culture

I'm from very close culture when it come to love realitionship and if I have Asian gf its shame and in the eyes of my family and friends or even people I'm loser yes bcoz she's Asian

Now I broke that damn idea and I had Asian ex and I really loved her but I remember if I go nice places the peploe look at me weird and they look talking about us I didn't care but its annoying me and sometimes I felt I'm not proud of her bcoz she's poor and older than me and not that beautiful
But I was happy until one of my friends told me I want talk to u then he said y u choose that girl all the people talk about ur wrong choise , I said I love her and people kiss my ass, but in some how he had viewpoint when he said damn look at urself u look like movie star and she's not beautiful and I'm ur friend I dont like people keep talking about u he offer his gf sister for me and she was intrested but I said close the topic it's my desetion

Now I separated with my ex about a year
But yesterday I saw beautiful friendly Asian WOMEN from phillipine I really like her my hart want her but my mind no bcoz in the end I can't marry her and I should face my family again and fight with people every now n then and she's waiter I have no pro with that but my family and my frinds and neighbor , people will talk again I know it's weird but where I live its like that

I know it's all up to me but whats ur opinion in about my setuation?


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  • I Would start with getting your grammar Right. And Then do What the fuck you want

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