Used to clingy relationships... now in a normal one! How do you adjust?

I have been in 3 very clingy relationships during my life. One of them was three years of extreme clinginess. I didn't mind it for the most part (constantly knowing what the other person is doing, always being with them, never skipping a beat didn't seem so bad). I eventually ended it though because I realized I had no life outside my relationship. Now I am in a new relationship with a very emotionally stable person. I love it because I don't always have to report to him, and everything is laid back, yet we still care for each other. However, I find myself lonely sometimes because I was used to someone constantly texting/calling me during a relationship. I know this probably isn't normal, but is there things you can do to ignore that feeling? thanks


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  • Yeah, I've been through the same thing, the new partner seems down right nonchalant compared to the old one! lol. You adjust with time and accept they are definitely into you, they just don't stick to you like shit to a blanket! lol. Enjoy it!


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