He told me that he loses interest in a girl when he finds out that she likes him? Is he just immature?

The guy is 24 is he just being immature? I mean some people say be up front and tell him you like him! then others say play hard to get. I'm so confused in this world called dating.

Point is he knows I like him... to gain any interest back from him what should I do?


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  • It just sounds like he's not interested in a relationship with you right now. There's nothing wrong with that; it doesn't make him immature.
    You don't need to and shouldn't do anything to try to gain his interest. You don't have to chase him. If he told you that after you told him that you like him then he's trying to politely tell you he's not interested. Sorry, girl. Sounds like there's no winning him over.

  • Move on. You're setting your self up for a lot of heartache. He's warned you and you're not listening. He has some emotional issues that have absolutely nothing to do with you. Until he resolves these issues he won't be ready for commitment.