What's the next move?

I have been in love with this American girl (I'm Chinese-born Australian) since this February . I'm 17 and she's 15(turning 16 next month). We go to different schools not in a relationship yet and I'm not too sure if she wants a relationship as she is sending mixed signals.
We met at a music creative workshop in Feb, and after it ended in March, I felt that I am attracted to her so I took the extra step and started seeing her, which she willingly accepted (though we often delayed because of our busy schedules, so not as often as expected). When I complement her or give her a gift (mostly flowers, crosses and bracelets), especially a thoughtful surprise, she'd say:"Aww, thank you, that's so sweet of you." and sometimes gasping:'I'm so happy and I love it!' We often sit near each other during hangouts with the group. We also hug often, which she does to me more than most people, or at least more than most boys. We called each other 2 times a week until she broke her phone in Sep. However, 80% of the time I start the talk. And she does not mention too much about relationships. And due to our different schedules we don't see each other very often (Average 3 weeks once). And we are not certain if we are in a relationship yet.
However, in late Sep, she said she needed space so we stopped contacting each other apart from a few awkward encounters. And eventually I felt drifting away from her. But when I thought I lost her, in early Dec we met each other again, and she acted more passionately around me. Though she never said if she is ready for relationship yet.
Well should I make a move on her to commit into a relationship, or should I wait or even walk away? If I should make a move on her, what gestures should I do e. g. kiss at the cheek?


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  • You two just need to talk about what you want and go from there.