Shy or uninterested? is there any way to tell?

When I talk to this guy it basically depends on me coming up with things to ask/say while he sits there and answers/and or asks the same thigns back, sort of like an interview. We tend to experience awkward quiet moments because of this and he takes out his phone and starts playing around with it. He tends to avoid me at times as well like literally running away I just ignore it. Then there are these rare meoments when he doesn’t run and looks at me and smiles, and or comes to me on his own and or sits with me on the bus on his own – im starting to think he's just being nice b/c I've seen his facebook/instagram & real life interactions with girls and he seems totally different like more talkative not to mention he likes pics of really gorgeous girls all the time

When we do happen to talk he acts clueless or uninterested in things I know he cares about or knows very well. And when it comes to weekend plans he tends to not tell me fully for instance he could be going to a party but tells me he's studying for some odd reason. When it comes to mine he asks questions at times like with who, where (party), what are you wearing (Halloween party)

Not too long ago I was ahead of him in the bus line and happened to look at one another for a second and smiled at one another. I wasn’t going to board the bus when it arrived since I didn’t want him to think he has to talk to me so I stood on the side, but he came up to me and gestured me to go in. at the end during our quiet session he suddenly asked me if I wasn’t going to go in (ive done this before with him) I said yes and made an excuse – does he now think im avoiding him

Ps we both are 20 – yes Im well aware this sounds really childish.


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  • I forgot what my answer was the first time so I'll change it:

    He sounds like he's autistic.


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