What are some of the things you guys and girls so to make the opposite sex crazy when texting. This girl always waits hours to respond back, and only sometimes. Is that trick?


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  • The best way for a guy to drive a girl crazy I think is to be unavailable to her sometimes! I know it sounds rude but even if you could reply every time right away... DON'T. Believe me girls like a challenge, and they also like the guy they want to have a life! if you are replying every time within minutes she is going to find you boring and predictable. another thing that I think helps is not always texting! use the damn phone once in a while! better yet use someone elses! and don't be like clockwork at 5:30 everyday and sometimes BE TOTALLY UNAvAILABLE! also don't fix her problems she wants you to listen and understand not recieve data and analyze and compute a solution! if she asks you what to do then tell her what you think otherwise just listen sympathize and relate. also tell a joke at appropriate times, know her favorites like movies and quote them! remember insignificant details and bring them up months later! lastly tell her about your problems and how your day went and sometimes throw in that you had a conversation with a cute funny girl at the gym, or borrowed a pencil from the smartest girl in your class or at work and she is really down to earth! Jealousy can go a long way in your favor! Never lie about it but a little stretch is ok, like maybe she's not the smartest girl or maybe the cute girl wasn't too funny but make sure if she checks it out you won't look like a liar! having your own life makes her realize that there is a real possiblity you aren't going to hang out and be plan b forever!


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  • on the girl thing.. it seems as though she doesn't really wanna talk to you. but what I do (and it seems to work) is when a guy is texting me and I like him.. I take a few minutes.. not more than like 5or 6 and it makes them wonder "are they texting soemone else" "what are they doing" and leaving the other person wondering makes them go crazy

  • No it could be some people don't attach themselves to their phones. The beauty of text messaging an voice mail is you can leave a message. That means if you are occupied you do not have to miss calls. Some people actually go to the gym, take showers, take naps, go eat dinner, do thier homework, go to the bathroom, go visit their neighbors, all of that without their phones. So that means sometimes you have to leave a message. Then when they get the time later they will go through thier messages and respond if they need to. Texting someone with HI and getting bent out of shape that they don't respond in a matter of moments just really shows your lack of maturity.


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  • i don't do anything. I'm nice unlike most people.

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