The girl I like is on a holiday for 14 days, how can I make her miss me?

she does send me hearts late in the hours, before going to bed but through the day she doesn't write me. im willing to send her a short textr or some smileys before going to bed, to make sure im the last person on her mind before she is going to bed, but some people say its sometimes better to be a bit more quiet and let her wonder about what im doing and why im not writing to her, but i feel confused there, and im hacving a hard time not doing so. so whats the best way, most respectable way. yes we arfe intimate so its not just a girl im liking we do kiss, have sex etc... so what should i do, leave her some space to miss mer or 1 message before sleeping a day


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  • Message her. Good morning darling and have a good night babe. Sweet dreams.

    • just this, early in the morning a good morning, and in the evening nothing more?
      should i keep it original

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    • wtf , what would she do that, yesterday shortly before 12 in the evening texting me hearts etc, now, early in the evening texting me stupid replies like what, i haven't been texting her all day. she is probably hanging around with this guy friend of her, i dont like that guy

    • I don't know you should ask her next time you see her.

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  • Why do you want her to miss you so bad? Seems strange to me.

    • because i dont think she always values me

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  • Skip a day every now and then.

    • yeah wish i had the controll to do so, just now i sended her a smiley, etc,,, she did reply but it feels like she has hardly anytime for me at this moment, hm gotta be a big more silent than, wish i didn't text her just shortly but well ok

    • huhm, yesterday she was sending me some hearts etc... now she sends me as a reply, what, better stop respoinding, wtf what what, im just sending you a smiley kissing, she is asking me what, what does that even mean

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