Okay, so does this mean she's more than a "best friend" to him?

there's this guy I've been talking to and hooking up with. we both like each other and say that we do, i've met all his friends and he seems pretty interested in me. Anyways, he told me he has a lot of friends who are girls. He's more on the "feminine" side, so it makes sense. He told me his ex hated that he had girls as friends and he hated it.

He just posted this on Facebook:

"got woken up to margaritas and the hobbit. Dreams do come true <3" - **his best girl friend's name tagged here**

What the hell? should I be worried about that?


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  • no you shouldn't be worried. you'll have to accept and come to terms with the fact that he has and will most likely continue to have platonic female friendships

    • you don't think that Facebook post sounds like they're more than close friends?

    • I try not to infer things from Facebook posts. there so much room for misinterpretation.

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  • Don't bother about him...

    Lets be a friends...


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  • Sounds strange.

    • How so?

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    • I don't know semi deep. At that stage where I might want to be more than what we are.

    • Have you talked about being more?

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