Why do I still like him?

I've liked this one guy for literally 2 years. I first met him in 8th grade and have liked him since. I'm now in 10th and I still like him. He's really attractive, funny, sweet, smart, athletic, and much more. But I get mixed vibes on whether he likes me or not. Half of our friends say he likes me, the other half says he doesn't. I've been trying for a while to get over him but I can't. Any ideas as to why I can't and how I can?


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  • I think it's because you're human and that means you have foolhardy emotions that really don't make sense. Can't fix senseless emotions.

    • So in reality there's nothing that can really be done about it?

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    • Oh really... and what's that?

    • So first you duct tape a bunch of Cheerios to your wall artistically because that's awesome to look at and you will feel accomplished.

      Afterwards you take a picture of them and attach the nipple clamps appropriately twisting them the moment you feel the pangs of want.

      Finally you put on a good movie and fall asleep and dream of unicorns or whatever it is you watch.

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