Why would a girl do this? Should I call her out on it or ignore it?

A girl I dated a couple of times, who then started becoming flaky and having erratic behavior (mentioning she had mental issues and had to have professional help, blamed her behavior on her astrology sign (uhh?), followed by being super clingy from a distance (i. e. would stare at me from a distance, follow me around in our class but wouldn't say anything, and had already declined going out with me again), telling me about how so many other guys are interested in her, among other things, and then came back months later giving strong indicators if interest, ended up going on another date with me.

Things were going well then she went off and become super aggressive and then stated we're just friends (even though she stated she wanted to be effed really hard for hours) and then became physically cold to me in ever sense and physically hostile.

I basically told her she's a manipulative person who plays games and needs to leave my life.

She's now gone and befriended every female and most guys in our classes, and since then a lot of the girls have been cold to me - although are now warming up again for some reason. I assumed she had just been bad mouthing me but let it go and tried to remain pleasant while not giving her much attention.

She then had to leave our school so I tried to soothe things out and she basically continued to act rude to me (okay fair enough, I guess my response to her was equally harsh and could merit that) but then goes out of her way to make me jealous still by hugging and flirting with other guys as soon as I am in the room, and even making sure it's directly in front of where I am sitting.

Should I call her out and tell her to handle the situation here and now, or just ignore it?


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  • Ignore her and show "how happy " you can be with out her play the same game and also move on at the same time lol

    • Well here is the problem, I have moved on but the issue is the girl I am trying to get involved with has just come into this social clique and I am afraid that her potential negative bad mouthing me (again this is just an assumption based on the sudden shift of interaction between the other females in the group and myself).

      I have shown her, her actions don't impact me and even wished her good luck in her new classes (which she treated with the silent treatment then proceeded to watch who I interacted with and started befriending them as well) but even though she's gone it seems to still have a negative impact on my public image?

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  • Wow, that's some really odd behavior. I would definitely confront her about it, but try to be gentle and understanding. Let her know you're hurt and confused by her behavior and want to know why she's been acting this way.

    • Yes, exactly. I am just questioning if confronting her is worth it or it could even fuel the fire - you know?

      I find this to be weird, she's the one that turned me down - even though she's the one that wanted to have a sexual relationship then became physically hostile? None of her actions make sense, but again I don't know the full history of her psychiatric care?

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  • I think she really does have mental issues, it is best to just leave her alone. Don't bad mouth, just leave her alone. The others figured out what she was about which is why they went cold and then came back.

    • Well like I said she admitted she has gone to psychiatrists in the past. I haven't bad mouthed her at all, in fact I haven't mentioned her name or done anything negative to her (as I told @leusername - I even tried to wish her good luck in her new courses and she gave me the silent treatment and attitude).

      The question is, since I am trying to get involved with a girl newly involved in this social clique do I try to confront her about her behavior or does that fuel the fire?

    • Fuels the fire, leave it alone.

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